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As you are all aware, the committee have agreed to have a wooden hand crafted iconostasis installed in our church.


The president, Mr Papadopoullos combining business with pleasure, whilst on holiday in Athens visited several providers of iconostasis as well as a manufacturer. From the 5 estimates that were received the committee agreed to award the task of manufacturing and installing the iconostasis to Mr Panayiotis Sarafopoulos.


As you most probably already know, Mr Sarafopoulos visited the Church on the 17th of June and took the necessary measurements. We have paid him a deposit of £6,000 for the purchase of materials that are required so that Mr Sarafopoulos can commence the work.


The price, excluding VAT will be 19,000 euro for the iconostasis and the Agia Prothesis plus a further 1,600 euro for the chanter's seats and stand (1 double carved seat and the stand where the books are placed). The final price, (including VAT which in Greece is currently set at 23%), will be 26,568 euro.


At the top of the iconostasis we will need icons of the 12 Apostles and the icon of the last supper. For the main part, we will use existing icons except one (The Archangel Michael). This one has to be changed because it's on canvas at the moment and it can not be used on the new door to the sanctuary (ieron). The Apostles icons and the Last Supper one will cost about 3,000 euros.


Although we are still awaiting for confirmation of the cost of the Archangel icon, we are pleased to announce that the cost has been pledged by a believer from outside our community.


We are also pleased to report that as of the 7th of July 2011, we have collected £10,500. So, large as the sums needed for the iconostasis seem to be, we should not be too worried about them. We might need to borrow some money and it might take some time to pay all of it off, but we can do it. I believe we can raise the money within a year if not before.


Thanks to the generosity and kindness of the community the £10,500 was raised by various fund raising events. Among these was a coffee morning organised by the president of the Philoptohos Mrs Kyriakoula Marinou on the 7th of April at her home in Canterbury. It proved to be very successful. It was well attended by the ladies of Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs, as well as from Canterbury, Ashford and Maidstone. This event raised £880.00 and the community is very thankful to Adamos and Kyriakoula for organising and hosting the event as well as shouldering all the expenses for it. Their actions show how much they care and support the church and the community as a whole.


George and Christalla Georgiou also organised a party at their house on behalf of the community on the 3rd of July. This event was extremely successful and the community showed their gratitude and appreciation by turning up on mass to support it. George and Christalla and the rest of the family were extremely warm and hospitable and the food itself was delicious. Everybody ate to their hearts content. People talked and socialised and showed how united our community is. Up to the moment of writing the sum of £3,260 pounds has been raised towards the iconostasis from this event. The generosity of George and Christalla, who bought all the food and all the drinks provided at the party out of their own pocket, was greatly admired. The committee wishes to express their deeply felt thanks to George and Christalla and it is hoped that others follow their example. Some pictures taken on the day are posted on the website.


Meanwhile, the president and the Very Reverend Archimandrite Vissarion continue the effort for raising the amount needed for the iconostasis by visiting homes of parishioners. The generosity and the warmth of their reception in every home is testimony to the enthusiasm of the parish for this venture. Thank you all very much indeed. Without you, the committee can achieve nothing. You, the parishioners are the body and the soul of this community.


To close this report, the committee and the president would like to thank our wonderful priest and spiritual father, father Vissarion, without whose encouragement and continuous endeavour the community would perhaps not have been as vibrant, successful and united as it is at the moment.


Thank you all.


Michael Papadopoullos